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School Fundraisers

At Adrenaline York we believe strongly in community reinvestment through our local schools and PTA organizations. If your school, sports team, or PTA group is interested in hosting a fundraising event or spirit night with us we will donate 15% of the register ring from your event back to your school or PTA organization. We try to make these events as easy as possible on you. Once we have a date identified, we'll get it scheduled and anyone from your organization can come in and just mention at the front desk they are with your particular function. No need to bring a flyer or any kind of validation. We will keep track of everything through our point of sale system. Please call us at (717) 204-4045 for more information and to schedule your spirit night today!

Awesome time for kids of all ages. They have plenty of seating for parents to comfortably watch the activities AND have multiple TV's to watch so you don't feel like you have to miss out on a good game while the kiddos play or attend parties!

Jessica Jung

It was great fun! The kids (and adults TBH) had a blast. It was so nice to have a party coordinator who took care of everything so I could focus on the people who came for my son's birthday party. ”

Sokina Begum


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